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  • Welcome to Features Nottingham !

    Welcome to Features Nottingham !

    Albertina | 28th September, 2016

    Great news for Features Nottingham! In April 2016 we have bought this practice from its established private dentist, Ken Place. We are Albertina and Florin – two dentists who have experience in general dentistry, dental implants and children’s dentistry. We have worked in Grimsby for more than 5 years and welcome the move to Nottingham to continue Ken’s work in this…

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  • Keep your teeth healthy for your heart !

    Keep your teeth healthy for your heart !

    Albertina | 21st March, 2016

    Did you know that it is very important to have a good oral hygiene as it has a major impact on your heart health as well ? Well to find more about that read this article regarding a recent study by researchers at Örebro University in Sweden click here  

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  • How to know if a toothpaste ingredient is safe to use?

    How to know if a toothpaste ingredient is safe to use?

    Albertina | 1st March, 2016

    For more information regarding how important to check if an ingredient in an oral hygiene product is safe for you to use or not click this link

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  • Oral Cancer Screenings Save Lives

    Oral Cancer Screenings Save Lives

    Albertina | 22nd February, 2016

    Oral Cancer Screening is a test that can be done by your dentist to look for cancer before you have any symptoms. It can be easier to treat at this stage, as by the time symptoms appear cancer may have begun to spread. For more information about this very important topic please check this article:…

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  • Thanks Followers

    Thanks Followers

    Albertina | 9th February, 2016

    We are celebrating today, 10,000 followers on Twitter ! You can follow us as well on

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  • Me and my Teeth (real story 1)

    Me and my Teeth (real story 1)

    Albertina | 12th January, 2016

    Over the years I have been asked the question – are these all your own teeth? I work in a dental surgery and get asked this question many times. Many people in their 60s are beginning to lose their natural teeth and have them replaced with dentures or implants. Am I lucky or is there another reason?                 Keeping my own…

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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    Albertina | 4th January, 2016

    Happy New Year to all our customers! from all of us at Features Nottingham  

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  • Looking after your Teeth

    Looking after your Teeth

    Albertina | 24th December, 2015

    10 easy steps to look after your teeth over the festive time.           Our dental hygienist’s primary role is to take care of your oral hygiene. She does this by making sure your teeth are very clean and free of dental plaque. She will also educate how to care for your teeth and gums at home. Your oral health is very important and will…

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  • Dermal Fillers

    Dermal Fillers

    Albertina | 18th December, 2015

    Ageing is a mixed blessing for some of us. Some of us want to grow ‘old gracefully’ and ignore the changes that occur in our faces. Others want to enhance our facial features and have a youthful look that can be achieved with dermal fillers. The good news is that there is a new study showing these fillers that augment the cheeks can last as long as 18 months. Here…

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  • Tooth Friendly Magic- Thursday

    Tooth Friendly Magic- Thursday

    Albertina | 3rd December, 2015

    Composite Bonding can be used to achieve a beautiful smile.   This client wanted the shape of her eye teeth altered.             During the procedure there is no discomfort or painful injections. No damage is done to the teeth that are treated. The treatment can be completed in one appointment.

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