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  • Let us help you get ready for Summer!

    Let us help you get ready for Summer!

    Albertina | 15th April, 2014

    As summer is just around the corner there is only one thing on our minds – summer holidays!  To help you prepare and get you looking your best in your holiday snaps, we have compiled a list of our Summer Must-do’s and Essentials: Teeth Whitening: This popular treatment lightens your teeth, giving you those pearly whites ready for the summer sun.  Generally, it is a great…

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  • Update on 112 Mansfield Road

    Update on 112 Mansfield Road

    Albertina | 17th December, 2013

    I have now purchased this building in which I practice. Previously, this was rented from Nottingham City Council. Consequently, the building is secure to provide dentistry and facial aesthetics for the next 999 years! The other properties adjacent to mine are being sold as individual houses. There will be an electric gate accessible to all my clients and designated parking…

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  • Ageing Gracefully

    Ageing Gracefully

    Albertina | 2nd May, 2013

    Are we freaking out about ageing? We can use anti-ageing creams, serums, balms,  moisturisers, wrinkle smoothers, and dermal fillers to combat the signs of ageing. Has our acceptance of the ageing process been dropped in favour of actively slowing down or even reversing the signs of ageing? Some of us will want to use non-surgical procedures to try to improve our looks as we…

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  • Are we what we eat?

    Are we what we eat?

    Albertina | 12th March, 2013

    Diet has a vital role, in particular micro-nutrition, in the development of the disease periodontitis, an inflammatory disease of the gums. Diet also has an effect on the control of inflammation within the body and in particular the tissues around the teeth. Studies at Birmingham Dental School are being done to see how micronutrients control the signals from cells that…

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  • Crow’s Feet

    Crow’s Feet

    Albertina | 12th February, 2013

    Crow’s feet are tiny wrinkles that radiate from the corner of your eyes. As the skin is thinner in this area they often appear before wrinkles in other areas. One reason why we get them is due to squinting, or any facial expression that is repeatedly made. So if you spend a lot of time in the sun, check out the faint lines in the mirror. This could be early wrinkles.…

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  • Dental Implant treatment to replace a missing tooth

    Dental Implant treatment to replace a missing tooth

    Albertina | 24th January, 2013

    How would you replace a missing tooth? The proportion of adults with missing teeth has fallen over the years to about 6% in 2009. However, for those who do lose a tooth or teeth it can be quite distressing. A missing tooth can affect your appearance and tooth function both needing attention. The good news is that dental treatment is available to deal with  missing tooth…

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  • Teeth Whitening – New Year Whiter Teeth

    Teeth Whitening – New Year Whiter Teeth

    Albertina | 9th January, 2013

    Teeth whitening is a popular procedure as people feel that it can be an easy way to a younger looking smile. It can improve your smile by reversing the effects of drinking coffee, tea and the natural ageing process. This might be something that you want or is suggested to you by someone close to you. If you want to have crowns or veneers you have the opportunity to choose the…

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  • Monster in the Cupboard

    Monster in the Cupboard

    Albertina | 30th November, 2012

    A lot of mystery surrounds counsellors and counselling which appears to make some people wary of seeking help. I often wonder what it is about me that is so terrifying. How can I portray my true self, which I believe is open, welcoming with an ability to allow people to talk freely around and with me. People have expectations of what I will be like as a counsellor and part of…

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  • Do you know your Skin Type?

    Do you know your Skin Type?

    Albertina | 19th November, 2012

    Looking after our skin is easier if we know what type of skin we have and use the appropriate products and advice. A description of skin type is given in this useful guide from WebMD site If you are unsure of your skin type then a visit to a qualified skin care practitioner can help you discover yours and…

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  • Why Skincare, Why Now?

    Why Skincare, Why Now?

    Albertina | 8th November, 2012

    From the moment we are born and exposed to the outside world our skin begins to change from that lovely baby-faced skin. We experience wind, rain, sun, pollution, diet, lifestyle and hormones and through it all our skin is changing in response to these factors. Your skin will change with every season and new techniques to combat these are constantly coming onto the market. A…

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