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    • Monster in the Cupboard

      Monster in the Cupboard

      Albertina | 30th November, 2012

      A lot of mystery surrounds counsellors and counselling which appears to make some people wary of seeking help. I often wonder what it is about me that is so terrifying. How can I portray my true self, which I believe is open, welcoming with an ability to allow people to talk freely around and with me. People have expectations of what I will be like as a counsellor and part of…

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    • Do you know your Skin Type?

      Do you know your Skin Type?

      Albertina | 19th November, 2012

      Looking after our skin is easier if we know what type of skin we have and use the appropriate products and advice. A description of skin type is given in this useful guide from WebMD site If you are unsure of your skin type then a visit to a qualified skin care practitioner can help you discover yours and…

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    • Why Skincare, Why Now?

      Why Skincare, Why Now?

      Albertina | 8th November, 2012

      From the moment we are born and exposed to the outside world our skin begins to change from that lovely baby-faced skin. We experience wind, rain, sun, pollution, diet, lifestyle and hormones and through it all our skin is changing in response to these factors. Your skin will change with every season and new techniques to combat these are constantly coming onto the market. A…

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    • Autumn Lips – Lip Augmentation

      Autumn Lips – Lip Augmentation

      Albertina | 1st November, 2012

      Why do we have lips? We have lips so that we can pronounce our words properly. Lips help our mouths keep our food in. They prevent our mouths from drying out by creating a seal. They provide some of the structure of our faces.  Lips are highly sensitive sensory organs that we use to kiss other people with. We can communicate our feelings by changing the shape of our lips eg…

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    • Age with Beauty – Facial Aesthetics

      Age with Beauty – Facial Aesthetics

      Albertina | 8th October, 2012

      If you decide to stop the inevitable physical signs of ageing in your face, there is help at hand in the form of facial aesthetics treatments. By choosing injectable treatments you may be able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fight the signs of ageing without surgery. An advantage of using injectables is that they are cost effective and minimally invasive, if you can…

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    • Mouth Cancer Awareness

      Mouth Cancer Awareness

      Albertina | 4th October, 2012

      Did you know that mouth cancer is a global healthcare problem? Regular dental examinations can help early detection.  In the UK alone the British Dental Foundation estimates that there will be 60,000 new cases over the next 10 years. The Foundation are organising a Mouth Cancer Action Month in November 2012.

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    • Dental Health Checks Up

      Dental Health Checks Up

      Albertina | 1st October, 2012

      Regular dental health checks up are important for detection of life threatening diseases such as mouth cancer. Early detection of these diseases can help with success of the treatment and dentists are in a unique position to check your mouth for initial signs. A BBC news story from last week highlighted this issue and sent out a plea to dentists to check for mouth cancer. A…

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    • It’s raining it’s pouring

      It’s raining it’s pouring

      Albertina | 26th September, 2012

        Umbrella, umbrella…. we collect them when it is raining. People come to see the dentist here in the pouring rain, put their umbrellas in the waiting room in the stand. After they have seen Ken, the dentist, they forget their umbrella. There is no easy way to match umbrella to client. Character analysis does not work as we assess who might have brought in the…

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    • Are baby boomers ready for single implants?

      Are baby boomers ready for single implants?

      Albertina | 21st September, 2012

      From America we have the news that baby boomer patients want to combat  the effects of an ageing smile and tooth loss. We are aware that this age group are looking for a good alternative to dentures. Procedures such as crowns, bridges and dental implants offer a long-lasting, durable solution. According to American statistics dentists are aware of this fact. See the news…

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    • Underwater Reception

      Underwater Reception

      Albertina | 19th September, 2012

      All was calm in our reception yesterday until a phone call at the end of the day. Whilst on the phone our receptionist noticed water pouring through the ceiling. Keeping an eye on the water she calmly finished the call, dealt with another client and then searched for a bucket. Resourceful, as ever, she managed to coerce the window cleaner to clear out the drains and gutters…

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