Perfection comes from everything fitting together!

Our aim is to provide you with excellent dental health, beauty care and well-being.

Our senior dentist practitioner is Ken Place. He has practised here in Nottingham since 1972 and has developed a successful private dental practice providing an expanding range of services. As a consequence of performing complex dental treatments and smile makeovers he noted the improvement in his patient’s lives which had a synergy with facial aesthetics and counselling. These treatments evolved as a progression from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry to encompass the whole face and forwards to the inner self.

The treatment you receive at Features combines the improvement of the outer self with the inner self. If you look good on the outside then you will feel good on the inside and if not then we can still help.

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  • The Wedding Checklist

    May 22, 2014

    Whether you are a guest or getting married yourself, weddings are a very special occasion full of memories to be shared for a lifetime. We understand that they are also a time everybody wants to look their absolute best (especially considering how many…

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