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    Teeth Whitening – New Year Whiter Teeth

    Teeth whitening is a popular procedure as people feel that it can be an easy way to a younger looking smile. It can improve your smile by reversing the effects of drinking coffee, tea and the natural ageing process. This might be something that you want or is suggested to you by someone close to you. If you want to have crowns or veneers you have the opportunity to choose the colour and might take this chance to whiten all your teeth before fitting new crowns.

    The best way to whiten your teeth is under the supervision of a dental surgeon. Dentists will be acting in your best interests and can supervise the whitening process and act on any concerns that you might have. The dentist will have done a thorough examination to ensure that whitening is the best treatment. The products that a dentist will use can only be supplied to them and should only be used under their supervision. Full instruction in the use of whitening products will be given to the you before they are supplied with any products.  Teeth whitening is one of the services available from Features dental practice in Nottingham.

    A new law in relation to tooth whitening came into effect on 31st October 2012. This law stipulates the concentration of hydrogen peroxide (bleaching agent) that is allowed to be provided for whitening. It also states that products with up to 6% hydrogen peroxide can only be supplied to dentists and are to be used under their supervision with full instruction. Only adults over the age of 18 years should be allowed to use these products. Full details of the new law are given on this website: