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    Dental Implant treatment to replace a missing tooth

    How would you replace a missing tooth?

    The proportion of adults with missing teeth has fallen over the years to about 6% in 2009. However, for those who do lose a tooth or teeth it can be quite distressing. A missing tooth can affect your appearance and tooth function both needing attention.

    The good news is that dental treatment is available to deal with  missing tooth problems.

    A dental implant replaces your tooth root with an titanium screw. Onto this screw is built a new laboratory made tooth. The result is a return to ‘normal’ looking teeth. Multiple implants can be placed onto which can be built bridge or multiple crowns.

    A survey of 9 people has shown that the main requirement of dental implants was a return to normality with regard to dentition. Normality had a number of definitions with some people looking at appearance and others worrying about functionality. Dental implants can help to solve both requirements but they do require maintenance to ensure a good outcome for the future.

    A dental practitioner who communicates the future care of dental implants needs to assess the expectations of their patients. Dental implants do require thorough cleaning procedures so that they will last a long time. For some who have lost their natural teeth due to poor oral hygiene a change in their tooth care will have to be made clear. Certainly, the outcome of dental implant treatment can in some part depend on rigorous home maintenance that is kept up for now and the future.

    Dental implants should be placed by a someone qualified and the superstructure done by a dentist who understands your requirements and individual circumstances. Alternative dental treatment should have been discussed to ensure that dental implants are the best solution.


    From America we have the news that baby boomer patients want to combat  the effects of an ageing smile and tooth loss. We are aware that this age group are looking for a good alternative to dentures. Procedures such as crowns, bridges and dental implants offer a long-lasting, durable solution. According to American statistics dentists are aware of this fact. See the news story:

    Single implants to offer a very good alternative to dentures and more information about dental implants can be found here: