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    If you have a missing tooth from an injury or accident of any kind then a dental implant will be the best option for you.  A dental implant is a titanium insert that is placed into your jaw to replace a missing tooth or teeth. The implant then has an abutment screwed into it. After the healing phase a crown, bridge or overdenture is attached to the abutment(s).

    While the implants are integrating with your bone you will either have a temporary bridge, splint or denture. An implant is made to look and feel as natural as possible, restoring the appearance of your teeth and making sure the health of your teeth, gums and bone structure is maintained. At first, having an implant may seem like a daunting option, however, we can put you in touch with patients who have had the treatment done before to give you more insight into the experience.

    Time Scale

    After the implant is inserted integration can take 4 months in the lower jaw and 7 months in the upper jaw.


    • Used for patients with a missing tooth or missing teeth
    • Consists of a titanium screw that is placed into the jaw
    • After, a crown, bridge or overdenture is placed over an abutment to restore the look and health of your teeth