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    General Dentistry

    Perfection comes from everything fitting together!

    Everybody’s teeth are different! Most people, despite their best efforts need help to retain their teeth and keep a healthy smile.

    The best way to look after your teeth is to brush regularly, watch your diet and keep your gums healthy. Gum disease is one of the major causes of tooth loss.

    When you do need to consult a dentist to have some work done on your teeth there are now many different options you can choose.

    Prevention is the key!


    A detailed and thorough dental examination is given which will include checking for signs of oral cancer, gum disease, tooth decay and failing restorations. Xrays may be required.

    Scale and Polish

    An important part of dental hygiene is removal of dental tartar to prevent gum disease. We perform hand scaling and a piezo machine if acceptable. Stain removal is optional using the latest high pressure device. This is supported by oral hygiene instruction and dietary advice.


    We have a digital xray system for your comfort which is displayed on a large screen TV for you to see.

    White fillings

    This composite filling material gives a result very similar to your existing teeth. The advantages and disadvantages of a white filling will need to be discussed for each tooth. Recent advances in technology make these fillings more attractive for many uses. We tend to use white fillings in preference to amalgam fillings.


    An inlay, as a restoration, is usually stronger than a filling and less destructive than a crown. They are mainly used on premolars and molars. An inlay is made in the dental laboratory out of yellow gold, white gold, composite (tooth coloured) or porcelain.

    Root Canal Treatment

    Root treatments are available for all teeth when recommended after your dental examination. This can be an excellent way of saving a painful tooth instead of extraction.