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    Dental Crown

    If your teeth have broken then a dental crown can be the best treatment to opt for. A crown is a porcelain or metal covering that fits over your natural tooth. The tooth is first cut down, impressions are made and then sent to the dental laboratory to be made. You can decide, with Florin, which shade will suit you and match your other teeth and we can change the shape and length of the crown to enhance your smile.

    The crowns are fitted, when you and Florin are completely happy with the look and fit of them. Only then will the final crowns be bonded on to your teeth. Whilst your dental crowns are being made you will be fitted with temporary crowns which will be made in the surgery at Nottingham.

    Time scale

    From impressions to fit 2 weeks


    • Mainly used to repair teeth
    • The colour, shade and shape will be decided by yourself and Florin.