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    Me and my Teeth (real story 1)

    Posted by Albertina on 12th January, 2016

    Over the years I have been asked the question – are these all your own teeth? I work in a dental surgery and get asked this question many times.

    Many people in their 60s are beginning to lose their natural teeth and have them replaced with dentures or implants. Am I lucky or is there another reason?










    Keeping my own teeth natural and healthy looking takes some effort and these are the steps I take to keep them:

    1. Brush my teeth regularly, at least twice a day with an electric toothbrush – manual will do. Regular flossing between my teeth to keep them extra clean.
    2. Have regular dental examination to check the health of my teeth
    3. Attend regular hygienist appointments. This will ensure my teeth are scaled and I am maintaining their health with my at-home regime.
    4. Listen to dental health education that our hygienist gives.
    5. Maintain a healthy diet to ensure my teeth exist in the best environment.

    Follow these 5 easy steps to make sure your teeth are still healthy in your 60s.