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    Crow’s Feet

    Posted by Albertina on 12th February, 2013

    Crow’s feet are tiny wrinkles that radiate from the corner of your eyes. As the skin is thinner in this area they often appear before wrinkles in other areas. One reason why we get them is due to squinting, or any facial expression that is repeatedly made. So if you spend a lot of time in the sun, check out the faint lines in the mirror. This could be early wrinkles. Exposure to too much sun can dry your skin and make it look wrinkled much as it would do on a plum. Check how you sleep to make sure you are not causing these lines to appear by pushing against your face in your sleep. With age the body’s natural rejuvenation processes slow down, and your skin will reflect this ageing process.

    The first treatment to look it at is your skincare regime. Good sun protection and moisturising creams can help prevent further lines appearing. If the lines have been present for some time and do not disappear with this treatment then further action can be taken.

    Crow’s feet respond to injections of muscle relaxant. This can be injected under the skin to paralyze the muscles in the face that pull the skin and cause wrinkles. The resulting smooth skin can last from three to four months. The muscle relaxant will be injected into multiple sites. The effect will be apparent from about 2 weeks afterwards.

    If the lines are deep and are not effectively removed with injections of muscle relaxant then the wrinkles can be filled in and plumped out.  Some practitioners treat them with an injectible filler into the cheek area to plump up the area and soften the wrinkles. Fillers are temporary and will require repeated treatments but can last for about a year. Modern fillers are smooth to inject and contain a local anaesthetic to help the treatment experience so you can relax. The result can be seen straight after the procedure.