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    Why Skincare, Why Now?

    Posted by Albertina on 8th November, 2012

    From the moment we are born and exposed to the outside world our skin begins to change from that lovely baby-faced skin. We experience wind, rain, sun, pollution, diet, lifestyle and hormones and through it all our skin is changing in response to these factors.

    Your skin will change with every season and new techniques to combat these are constantly coming onto the market. A good skincare practitioner can point you in the right direction and advise products that match your skin.

    Healthy skin is crucial for giving you the right background for applying make-up. Make-up can enhance your natural beauty helping you give the right impression.

    Ageing is an inevitable process that none of us can escape, but we can slow it down. How do we do this and get it right when there are so many products on the market? Through clever marketing and magazine we are constantly bombarded with information on the ‘correct’ products for us. It is very difficult or impossible to get it right.

    By using a skincare practitioner you can be sure you and your skin are in safe hands. A skincare practitioner can give you advice and guidance that helps to deliver the correct prescription for your skin.

    You trust your dentist to give you advice about your teeth and do the ground work to restore them to health and then it is what you do at home that counts. Skincare practitioners can see the impact of a good skincare routine on skin health. You should be able to keep your skin clean and healthy and improve the tone and texture. So, what we teach and advise you is introducing practices that you can maintain at home.

    Let us point you in the right direction and have your own skincare practitioner as well as having your own dentist!

    Start by changing your skin, then you can change your life. It is never too late to start!