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    Autumn Lips – Lip Augmentation

    Posted by Albertina on 1st November, 2012

    Why do we have lips?

    We have lips so that we can pronounce our words properly. Lips help our mouths keep our food in. They prevent our mouths from drying out by creating a seal. They provide some of the structure of our faces.  Lips are highly sensitive sensory organs that we use to kiss other people with. We can communicate our feelings by changing the shape of our lips eg lifting at the edges during a smile or pursing to show displeasure. Beautiful people have well defined and full lips.


    Lip Augmentation

    If you also want the fuller lips of these beautiful people then lip fillers could be the answer. Lip augmentation is a clinical procedure which involves injecting hyaluronic acid into the lips to enlarge them. With your practitioner you will discuss the look you are after and the results should be immediate.


    With age we often see a sagging at the corners of the mouth which can extend to areas to the sides and beneath the lips. Excessive sun and smoking can produce similar changes. Lip fillers can be used to fill in some of these changed areas to give fuller more youthful lips.


    Lip Fillers

    Dermal fillers should be prescribed by a qualified practitioner. You should be aware of the product that is used and that your practitioner is fully qualified and insured to carry out the procedure.


    Autumn Lips

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