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    Composite Bonding Cosmetic Dentistry

    Posted by Albertina on 4th September, 2012

    Beautiful teeth and a dazzling smile are wanted by many of us. A look at the smiles of our favourites in team GB at the Olympics will give us some idea of smiles we want and those we do not like. The celebrities that attended the Games have been under scrutiny too. Many of us will agree that the Duchess of Cambridge has a beautiful and dazzling smile. How can you also having a winning smile?

    Recent developments in cosmetic dentistry have meant that you do not need a lot of drilling and painful injections to achieve a better smile. One excellent solution is to have composite bonding at your dentist.

    When the dentist uses composite bonding will use cosmetic filling materials to change the size, shape or colour of teeth. Natural teeth aren’t all one flat shape and colour, they have a variety of different shades of colour and translucency throughout an individual tooth. We know when we look at our teeth whether they look natural! Our aim with composite bonding is to recreate a natural looking tooth or teeth.

    We do this by careful selection of different colours of composite. The dentist shows his skill by how he layers these composites onto a tooth to produce a final result of a natural looking tooth or teeth. You can have one tooth done or a number of teeth can be done in one sitting. Once you have decided what result you want then leave it to the dentist to use his artistic skills to mould the perfect smile for you.

    Check out our page on composite bonding as a quick, safe and easy way to improve your smile!